December 5, 2008

abject self

October 24, 2008

for my project i choose to use music, the project said something about an object being alive yet not, something that is cast out, in my head that is totally what music is and it is it’s own phenomenom in the way that the artist or musician throws out literally this peice of themselves and us the listener take that in and enjoy and apply our own meaning to it. So with this project i took some of my most played songs on my Winamp and I-tunes and tried to explain them visually, i constantly tend to stick  music into nearly all my assignments and its just because it is a big part of my life, and that always seems to be something that i carry around with me. but ya the crapy zombie one was just for fun.

Abject self through music

October 24, 2008

Project I: Poster

October 3, 2008


                  The project asked to create an advertisment-like poster that presents an idoeology. I choose to show two of the most important aspects in my life music and friends. (Even though I choose just one friend to represent that part.)